Adam Werner’s latest release, “deep”, is a collection of musical compositions that, with the help of some very special friends, such as Samite, Michael Manring, Jim “Kimo” West & others, captures the essences of love, hope and encouragement to overcome life’s challenges and carry on. 

Adam is best known for his progressive fingerstyle guitar techniques, pioneered by the late Michael Hedges, but he has travelled beyond within to explore his soul and focus on the expression of deep emotions and thought through music, rather than the visual stimulation through performance.  This collection of music comes from personal experiences and events that Adam has gone through throughout his life and are very personal, near and dear to his heart (& soul).  There is a lot of deep meaning to each track on this album!  Capturing the hope and positive encouragement to carry on after the loss of a loved one, to the internal struggles between the ego and the true self, as well as exploring a profound experience between a father and son where the passing of the preverbal torch has been handed down with a sense of deep connection and overwhelming pride filling the soul.  These are just a few examples of what you’ll experience in this collection of music. 

Adam Werner - “deep”, truly is music to heal the soul.

Guest ArtistsSydney Easton, Adam Howe, Michael Manring, Kentaro Otsuka, Samite, Kris Tischbein, Ken Verheecke & Jim “Kimo” West

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May 2012

Acoustic Guitar & Hammered Dulcimer


January 2007

Acoustic Guitar

Apprentice of a Dead Man

April 2003

Acoustic Guitar




         Unseen, but heartfelt. 

Adam Werner. First let us not confuse this talented fingerstyle guitarist with the Swedish hockey player. Their only common bond is they both play wooden instruments, sort of. Second, our Adam has released an exceptional new album called Deep. I call it an unexpected pleasure. And lastly, you’re going to love his music.

The twelve track contemporary collection opens with the tune Sage & Sand (For Tristan). Surprisingly, the guitar almost takes a back seat to the prominent flute lead, but it balances out completely in the end. The ballad centers on advice that a father gives his son. The soft, reverent song offers the well-known voice of Ugandan vocalist Samite whose velvety lyrics tell of the father inviting his son to help him change the universe. The song makes you believe it can be done.

With a sense of urgency and unseen motives, the song The Hunted begins. Adam produces deep throated strums balanced by sparkling harmonics, a testament to his admiration of guitarist Michael Hedges. This is an animated, dynamic, and compelling tune that suggests you cannot stop. You must go on or the game will come to an end.  

I was fairly startled when I heard the next cut. It is a signature work by legendary guitarist Will Ackerman called The Impending Death of the Virgin Spirit. The provenance of this song is one of tragic sorrow, however the nascent beauty of this piece is one that touches the heart like no other. Werner’s offering does the song justice, and although it was originally a solo guitar piece, his embellishments are not too intrusive. Bassman Michael Manring, who is well known in the Imaginary Roads circle of sidemen and a legend in his own right adds a thereministic bassline that is haunting within the melody.   

Kealia Sunrise has that mellow Hawaiian slack-key guitar tone that soothes the spirit as only this kind of music can. Magical visions of the east coast of the island of Kauai and the way the morning sun creates gold and copper sky vistas is something to behold. This kind of music conjures up a lot of memories from my time in the islands and I cherish every one of them. Werner offers the perfect soundscape for soul searching.

Adam’s title tune, Deep musically delves into places that we keep locked up. Sometimes we keep them hidden from ourselves. They are dark vaults in the heart or unnamed caves in the soul. We hide there in times of sadness or confusion or despair. If this music tells us one thing, it is that shining a light in these shadowy places is the best thing we can do. Deep offers that luminosity in positive tones and harmonically lush elementals.  

Psyche vs. Soul is a dramatic song, somber but not grave, with a graceful, percussion tinged melody and a muted overlay. It put me in mind of an old Jefferson Airplane called Lather, where the narrative is a melancholy picture of life as seen from outside looking in. The song has its complexities, but Werner’s composition allow us to add our own scenario. What is your story?          

The final cut is called Early Mourning Passage. Along with Deep, it was a favorite on the album. The twist in is the title. On the surface it is a dispirited song full of anguish and poignancy. Not all is as it sounds, however. The music may be the sound of letting go, of surrender or better still, coming to terms. With the vocalization of Sydney Easton, the sound becomes weightless, celestial, an ascension perhaps. It may not be as sad as it seems.

This is my first encounter of Adam Werner’s music and I am the better for it. Werner’s talent lies in the fact that he can combine technically proficient fretwork with evocative settings and make the listener think and dream. This exceptional collection of contemporary guitar music provides the medium for introspection and it is pleasing to listen to at any hour.

 Rating: Very Good

                                                          ~RJ Lannan

        “Sublimely tranquil with an often-melancholic undercurrent that seems fitting for a rainy afternoon, Deep is memorably melodic yet relaxing enough to serve as accompanying music for spa and massage therapies. Echoing the spirit of many classic Windham Hill and Narada Records releases, Adam flawlessly interweaves elements of new age, ambient and world music into contemporary acoustic arrangements, ultimately culminating in what is easily one of this year’s best guitar albums!”      

                                               ~Candice Michelle

     “There is a wonderful sense of quality, a rich tapestry of sound, a lush and colourful canvas of musical bliss, that can be found on one of the most outstanding albums of the year, that album is Deep.   Deep by Adam Werner is not only a good album, it is a release bathed in utter quality. With each and every track, you can literally feel the care and attention to detail, the passion and pride of completing something that is honestly, totally outstanding. Werner’s strong conviction and personal belief in this album is completely justified, and I would recommend this collection of beautiful works to anyone who loves truly good music in a heartbeat, you’re really not going to get much better than this.”

                                   ~Steve Sheppard - OWMR

Listen to the review here:

        “Adam’s progressive fingerstyle guitar reaches new heights in the contemporary instrumental genre, paying homage to his readily apparent Ackerman influences.  Inviting guests like Uganda’s Samite, bassist extraordinaire Michael Manring, and fellow guitarists Adam Howe, Ken Verheecke and Jim “Kimo” West who add extra dimensions on several select tracks.  The arrangements sparkle and shine, drawing from lilting Hawaiian melodies, rural riffs, classical motifs and many subtle touches that ask the listener to “go deep”.  Adam’s nimble fingerpicking, compelling and intricate counter play and versatile fluidity make this entire recording an unqualified success.  You’ll want to listen over and over to mine the beauty and depth of Deep — a veritable “giant leap for guitar recordings" — to discover all of its musical treasures,. Adam brings a wondrous variety of gentle flow, bright transitions and a thoughtful bouquet of expressed feelings to Deep: Music to Heal the Soul, while covering a LOT of fertile ground. 6 stars (out of a possible 5).”

  ~ By LLOYD BARDE (  Common Ground Magazine

         “My good friend and guitarist, Adam Werner has just released his terrific solo CD, "Deep". Mahalo to Adam for inviting me to collaborate on a track! Definitely check out this inspired new guitar recording here !! “

                                             ~ Jim “Kimo” West

    “Adam Werner has crafted a stunning new album of fingerstyle guitar music that puts the melody squarely to the forefront. His technical prowess is an impressive tool that serves the songs, but the lasting impression is of a collection of instrumental songs with memorable melodies (and countermelodies).

This album...means something. What it means may differ from listener to listener, which is one of the beautiful gifts of instrumental music. Clearly these songs are personal, thoughtful and sincere.

                 ~ David Reed - Belleville Intelligencer

    “ ...a super fine album, this “Deep” recording.  Such variety, flow, transition and covering a LOT of fertile ground. 8 stars (out of a possible 5).  A Giant Leap for guitar recordings.”    

                                                    ~ Lloyd Barde

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Adam Werner Receives 2017 Best of Woodland Hills Award

Woodland Hills Award Program Honors the Achievement

WOODLAND HILLS July 5, 2017 -- Adam Werner has been selected for the 2017 Best of Woodland Hills Award in the Musician category by the Woodland Hills Award Program.

Each year, the Woodland Hills Award Program identifies companies that we believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and our community. These exceptional companies help make the Woodland Hills area a great place to live, work and play.

Various sources of information were gathered and analyzed to choose the winners in each category. The 2017 Woodland Hills Award Program focuses on quality, not quantity. Winners are determined based on the information gathered both internally by the Woodland Hills Award Program and data provided by third parties.

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