Adam Werner’s latest release, “deep”, is a collection of musical compositions that, with the help of some very special friends, such as Samite, Michael Manring, Jim “Kimo” West & others, captures the essences of love, hope and encouragement to overcome life’s challenges and carry on. 

Adam is best known for his progressive fingerstyle guitar techniques, pioneered by the late Michael Hedges, but he has travelled beyond within to explore his soul and focus on the expression of deep emotions and thought through music, rather than the visual stimulation through performance.  This collection of music comes from personal experiences and events that Adam has gone through throughout his life and are very personal, near and dear to his heart (& soul).  There is a lot of deep meaning to each track on this album!  Capturing the hope and positive encouragement to carry on after the loss of a loved one, to the internal struggles between the ego and the true self, as well as exploring a profound experience between a father and son where the passing of the preverbal torch has been handed down with a sense of deep connection and overwhelming pride filling the soul.  These are just a few examples of what you’ll experience in this collection of music. 

Adam Werner - “deep”, truly is music to heal the soul.

Guest Artists:  Sydney Easton, Adam Howe, Michael Manring, Kentaro Otsuka, Samite, Kris Tischbein, Jim “Kimo” West & Ken Verheecke

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May 2012

Acoustic Guitar & Hammered Dulcimer


January 2007

Acoustic Guitar

Apprentice of a Dead Man

April 2003

Acoustic Guitar




       My good friend and guitarist, Adam Werner has just released his terrific solo CD, "Deep". Mahalo to Adam for inviting me to collaborate on a track! Definitely check out this inspired new guitar recording here !!

                                             ~ Jim “Kimo” West

    “Adam Werner has crafted a stunning new album of fingerstyle guitar music that puts the melody squarely to the forefront. His technical prowess is an impressive tool that serves the songs, but the lasting impression is of a collection of instrumental songs with memorable melodies (and countermelodies).

This album...means something. What it means may differ from listener to listener, which is one of the beautiful gifts of instrumental music. Clearly these songs are personal, thoughtful and sincere.

                 ~ David Reed - Belleville Intelligencer

    “ ...a super fine album, this “Deep” recording.  Such variety, flow, transition and covering a LOT of fertile ground. 8 stars (out of a possible 5).  A Giant Leap for guitar recordings.”    

                                                    ~ Lloyd Barde

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