"My Journey Back..."

"My Journey Back..." episode 02 - Adam Werner


This video is the second in a series that documents and shares the miraculous survival of a “near-death” car accident, on December 3, 2018, that almost took my life and my challenging journey back to being able to play guitar, create music again, as well as getting my life back! I apologize for any of the content/images that might be disturbing or upsetting to some people. I am just trying to share my story as delicately and effectively as I can so that you all understand how serious this is/was and how far I’ve come to get back to where I was and want to be!


Healing & recovery will be a lifelong challenge. If you feel inspired to donate to my continued recovery, please visit my GO FUND ME - paypal.me/adamwernermusic  

Sharing my story is as good as donating! EVERYTHING IS APPRECIATED!!!


Intro - “Great Castle Wall" - Adam & Adam (Unreleased) http://www.adamnadam.com/adamnadam/Welcome.html

“Prelude to a New Beginning" - Adam Werner (d e e p) https://adamwerner.bandcamp.com/track/prelude-to-a-new-beginning

“Sage & Sand (for Tristan)” - Adam Werner (d e e p) https://adamwerner.bandcamp.com/track/sage-sand-for-tristan


Adam Werner - Himself “Thoughts” & Voice Overs

Zoey - Nurse

Vienna Werner - Herself

Mimi Werner - Herself THANK YOU! www.adamwerner.com

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