UNSPOKEN . . . 10-year Anniversary

Adam & Adam - "UNSPOKEN

"UNSPOKEN"   10-Year Anniversary

Somewhere around 2008-2009, Adam and I decided to collaborate on creating music.  I was in a weird place in my life and just didn't know if I could (or wanted…



(First Logo Design Idea)

Summer of 1990: I had just finished high school and was hell-bent on becoming a rock star.  Rich Dawson & I were friends from the age of 3 years old and he had been taking…

d e e p . . . (5-year Anniversary)

d e e p 

March 20, 2017 was a scary but exciting time for me, creatively.  I was releasing a collection of music that I had created, over many years, and it marked my departure from the “progressive fingerstyle” guitar…

New Land Music

New Land Music

August 2005, while on tour in Hawaii with Chris Yeaton and the Woodsong Acoustics Group, I was sharing some ideas and interests I had, with a guy named Kelvyn, about starting a record label. Kelvyn was an…

Woodsong Acoustics Group

I performed my FIRST EVER solo acoustic guitar concert in July of 2001, as the Michael Hedges Tribute performer, at a Woodsong Acoustics Group concert in Orinda, CA, along side guitarists Antonio Calogero & Chris Yeaton.  Chris is the…

“My Journey Back…”

“My Journey Back…” episode 04 - Adam Werner


In this video, we explore the injuries I sustained in a little more detail and explain why they affected my ability to play guitar the entire time.


"My Journey Back..."

"My Journey Back..." - episode 03 - Adam Werner


I MADE IT! To this point, I’ve survived a horrific car accident, went through 2 emergency surgeries, made it through life support for a week and now heading…

"My Journey Back..."

"My Journey Back..." episode 02 - Adam Werner


This video is the second in a series that documents and shares the miraculous survival of a “near-death” car accident, on December 3, 2018, that almost took my life…

"My Journey Back..."

“My Journey Back…” episode 01 - Adam Werner 


This video is the first in a series that documents and shares the miraculous survival of a “near-death” car accident, on December 3, 2018, that almost took my life…



I am feeling a WEALTH of GRATITUDE today!  It may be because it's Friday?  It may be because it's Valentine's Day?  It may be because I just watched the video of my car accident?  Whatever the reason, I just…

TEASER to "My Journey Back to Music"

Here's a short TEASER to my up coming video series, "My Journey Back to Music."  Since my car accident on 12/03/2018, I have not picked up my guitar and this video series is documenting the process from picking up my…

2020 New Year Message


Here's a quick little message from me about the year ahead.