"My Journey Back..."

"My Journey Back..." - episode 03 - Adam Werner


I MADE IT! To this point, I’ve survived a horrific car accident, went through 2 emergency surgeries, made it through life support for a week and now heading to a recovery room to really start my journey. THIS episode takes you through a few experience I had while in Recovery (before I went to Physical Therapy).

The EIVØR shirt I am wearing in this video is the same shirt I was wearing during the accident. The shirt was cut off by paramedics so I had to replace it with a new one. So, I bought the same EIVØR shirt I had before AND another one she had available on her website. I got the first shirt when she came to Los Angeles on tour with Wardruna, JUST a few months before the accident. It was an incredible concert and an HONOR to meet her after the show!

Thank you for following along and for your continued support!!!

"Island Swing" - d e e p by Adam Werner https://adamwerner.bandcamp.com/track/island-swing

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